4 Polka Police Busts this weekend

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police will be busting 4 events this weekend. We are offering a special prize for the cadets that attend all 4.

Here’s the lineup:

Polka out!

Will Oktoberfest ever end?

Attention Cadets: No, it is always Oktoberfest for the Polka Police. Here’s where you can get busted:

Polka out!

It is finally Oktoberfest season!

Attention Cadets: Oktoberfest is here and the Polka Police are going to bust as many as we can starting with the Rathskeller. The PoPo will bust the Rathskeller Oktoberfest on Friday, September 10, 2021 from 7-9 pm. Here is the whole lineup:


5-7 pm –Happy Players

7-9 pm – Polka Police

9-11 pm – Daniel & The Deliverance


5-8 pm – Powder Blue

8-11 pm – Bolzien Beer Band

Polka out!