Rap Sheet

The Burmeister brothers, Jamie and Jason, grew up on a pig farm on the banks of the Nishnabotna River in southwest Iowa.  The boys grew up in the 80’s wearing short-shorts, growing mullets and rocking to hair bands. However, accordion lessons and reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show skewed their ears and judgment. In fact, so much accordion pumping deformed their hands to the point that they cannot physically pick up guitars, bass drums and other tools of normal rockers.  Sadly, the boys are doomed to the ridicule of squeezing accordions and beating on suitcases. To make matters worse, an extremely rare double-headed synchronized swimming injury erased all musical taste and created extremely short attention spans. They will literally rock anything … for a while. They go from AC/DC to a classic polka into Led Zeppelin to the Chicken Dance then into some top 40 thing – all in the same song! The accident also resulted in their alternate personalities – Sargent Squeezebox and Lieutenant Lederhosen. As part of their therapy they have been instructed to perform as the Polka Police at parties, festivals and other places of merriment. For the world’s sake we all hope they get well soon.

If you seek truly unique entertainment for your next event, check out the Polka Police. Carrying on in the tradition of great musical performers such as Lawrence Welk and AC/ DC, the Polka Police perform an eclectic mix of humorous, high-energy, polka-themed rock and roll. Mixing whatever they can get their ears on to make a fun dance party out of any event. Brothers, Sgt. Squeezebox and Lt. Lederhosen, make up the band. Sgt. Squeezebox leads the party with his blistering accordion playing, smooth lead vocals and crazy stage antics. Lt. Lederhosen keeps the party rocking with his deep groove making on the suitcase drum set. This five-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards nominee is considered (by some) to be one of the top three accordion and suitcase drums polka-themed rock duos in the greater Omaha area. They have polked, rocked and shocked every audience including Oktoberfests, weddings, second weddings, punk rockers, hard rockers, soft rockers, rocking chairs and funerals. Recently, they have even learned to play a polka. Whether a house party or a stadium-sized rock festival, the Polka Police thrills any sized audience. The Polka Police are neither police nor a polka band but we can help make your next event fun, memorable and entertaining.

The words ‘polka’ and ‘police’ evoke some type of emotion from all. The Polka Police name is inspired by a piece of art created by Jamie Burmeister. Click here to enjoy the original Polka Police.