Polka Police bust 4 Oktoberfests

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police get to bust 4 Oktoberfests this weekend. Check it out:

Friday, September 25, 2020, 9pm-12 midnight – Oktoberfest at Beer Corner USA

Saturday, September 26, 2020, 12 noon-3 pm – Oktoberfest at Beer Corner USA

Saturday, September at 26, 2020, 7-10 pm – HALLtoberfest at The HALL Des Moines

Sunday, September 27, 2020, 3-5 pm – St. Margaret Mary Drive-Thru Parish Festival

Polka out!

Polka Police bust Sommerfest at The Hall

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police are leaving The Bunker Saturday, June 20, 2020 to bust Sommerfest at The Hall in Des Moines from 6-8 pm.

Here’s the details:.
$5 Admission starting at 3pm.
First 100 people through the door get a free 1L ceramic stein.
Stein Club Members that bring their stein get in for free.
Plenty of Covidized seating inside and out.

Contests: (Prizes will be given): Meter and a Liter, Best Dressed, Stein Holding, And More!

3-5 Nick Mauer
6-8 Polka Police
8:30-10:30 Dueling Fiddles

Beer: Specials on our full lineup of German beers.

Food: German Fare created by the JLF Culinary Students including – Schweinhaxen, Schnitzels, Wurstplatte, brats and more.

Come join us in the Beer Garden for a celebration of Summer and Beer.

Polka out!

The Polka Police bust Tyler Anthony

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police Show Episode 9 (Thursday, June 4th at 7 pm) features the musical stylings of Tyler Anthony Plus the boys get to ask Awesome Gyno more questions about the universe – well, their universe. There will be a little Metallica and a polka about a common men’s health issue that affects 1 in 2 members of the Polka Police. Polka out!

Now here’s a song that suggests a solution to a common men’s hygiene issue: https://soundcloud.com/polkapolice/polka-boogie

Polka Police Show with Apolkalypse Wow! and Wink Lucky

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police Show with Apolkalypse Now! and comedian Wink Lucky will be live on a new night – Wednesday, May 20, 2020 and 7 pm. Wink will make you laugh (we will cry). Apolkalypse Wow! will stimulate your ear holes with their hard-core polka excitement.

This song about varicose veins should calm you down: https://soundcloud.com/polkapolice/purple-vein

Polka out!