Polka Police bust Bockfest 2023

Attention Cadets: Bockfest 2023 is happening at the Huber Haus and Crescent Moon on Saturday, April 1, 2023 and the Polka Police are a bustin’ it from Noon until 3 pm! This indoor/outdoor festival is happening rain or shine – so you can just plan to be there. Stay all day and night because there will be plenty of delicious German food and Bock biers to sustain you. There will even be traditional HOT POKERS in fiery pits that you can ‘poke’ into your Bock bier to caramelize the sugars (if you are into that sort of thing – we are of course). Stick around for the Barry Boyce Band from 4-9 pm – amazing.

So, to summarize: Bockfest on April Fools Day. There will be polking and poking – we are not joking. It is going to be BOCKIN’ AWESOME!

Polka out!

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