Polka Police bust the world

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police have been a little busy…Oktoberfests, colleges and corporate parties all over the place. With your support we will HOPEFULLY survive and keep this Polka Train a rolling. Here are some shows you should check out:

Fri 9/16/22 – German Day Oktoberfest, 6-10 pm, German American Society, Omaha, NE

Sat 9/17/22 – Barchen Oktoberfest 6-10 pm, Barchen Beer Garden, Omaha, NE

Sun 9/18/22 – Bricktoberfest 12-2 pm, Brickway Brewery & Distillery, Omaha, NE

Challenge: Get your picture taken with the PoPo at all three and you will receive a special prize.

Polka out!

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