Polka Police bust Guns & Hoses weigh in party

Attention Cadets: The Polka Police will bust all the actual police and firefighters at the Guns & Hoses Weigh In Party on Friday, April 19, 2019 from 7-10 pm at the Thunderhead Brewing Taproom.

Come on down to see the fighters meet their opponents. $20 supports our first responders PLUS an awesome Fish & Chips diner from The Dire Lion food truck, A FREE BEER from Thunderhead, ‘music entertainment’ from the Polka Police, and a raffle ticket! We’ll also be selling merch and tickets to Guns & Hoses.

Here’s what Gun’s & Hoses Boxing Challenge is all about:
It’s red vs. blue, police vs. fire: who will take home the gold? Guns & Hoses is Omaha’s most exciting sporting event where police officers and firefighters duke it out in the ring and brawl for it all. This high-energy, entertaining evening awarded Omaha’s “Best Event” by Metro Magazine returns to Baxter Arena on Friday, April 26, 2019 and there will be fun, sweat, and cheers. And by joining in on the fun, you’re a hero to our men and women on the front lines as all proceeds are donated back to support first responder programs and public safety. It’s why thousands flock to the arena every year, and it’s why the fighters fight!

Polka out!

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