Polka Police bust Adventureland Oktoberfest

Attention Cadets: Can you keep a secret? Good.  The Polka Police are busting the Adventureland Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 1-5 pm. Leave your kids at home because Saturday is the only day of the year that they are not allowed into Adventureland – 21 and older only! You do the math BEER + RIDES = ???.  Lots of fun and music including Hanson.

In addition, you can catch a Polka Police set at the Adventureland Inn Spectators Sports Bar on Friday, October 5 from 7-8 pm sandwiched between Bradley Seidenfeld and Pianopalooza.

If that was not enough, the Polka Police are going to bust David Leib Hart as seen on Adult Swim) on Sunday, October 7 beginning at 7 pm at O’Leaver’s.  It’s gonna get weird!

Polka out!


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