Polka Police bust UNO Fine Arts

Attention art-loving Cadets:  The Polka Police are busting UNO Fine Arts on Sunday, October 23 from 5-6:30 pm at UNO’s Art Gallery in the Weber Fine Arts Building (6505 University Dr S, Omaha, Nebraska)

Jamie Burmeister (Lt. Lederhosen) is the featured artist for this event. The $15 admission goes to support UNO’s fine art program.

Please touch the art: ‘In correlation with the UNO gallery exhibit “Sensory: Please Touch the Art,” Jamie Burmeister has challenged renowned local artists in a variety of media to create works that invite visitors with low or no vision to experience these art works using all the senses. Explore how a viewer can understand the meaning of a piece through multi-sensory means.’


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