Polka Police bust Boys and Girls Club, Omaha Bicycle Co, and Lincoln Halfsy Marathon

Come on out to see the Polka Police at these great events this weekend.

Register your think tank for the Trivia Buffs of the Bluffs event on Friday, October 30th to benefit the Boys & Girls Club.  The PoPo entertains from 5:30-7 pm while you enjoy food and drinks followed by the trivia mayhem! It all goes down at the Council Bluffs Country Club.


On Halloween be sure to trick-or-treat the Omaha Bicycle Company as they celebrate their 3rd birthday. The Polka Police perform from 8:30-9:30 pm.

LincolnMarathon2014aDrag yourself out of bed Sunday, November 1 to help the PoPo cheer on the runners in the Good Life Halfsy marathon in Lincoln, NE. The boys will be on the corner of Antelope Valley Pkwy and Military Rd performing from 9:45 am to noon.

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